The newest best way to make money from Chitika

Chitika- Best alternative adsense after google Adsense -Massive your income thousand dollars

1. Make money from Chitika – The Overview

Hello,today I will introduce one of most common contextual advertising Chitika that I really like to make money.

It is the best adsense alternative for google adsense.

Chitika is an online ad network that has four billion  targeted ads each month to a network of over 300,000+ sites, making it the second largest network. Chitika’s advertising partners include; Yahoo!, SuperMedia, hibu and HomeAdvisor, among others, and are leveraged by publishers in the network to drive audience engagement and boost revenue.

 Offical website:

2. How does Chitika work ?

  • Chitika ads appear on your site based on the keywords from search engine when visitors search.
  • Chitika’s Local Ad Exchange allows you to display local ads to your site’s visitors based on their location.
  • Chitika Mobile Ads allow publishers to show ads to their visitors in a mobile format to any iOS or Android user.
  • Price per click of Chitika  from $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60 and Highest $3
  • Minimum payout of Chitika is 10$ via paypal
  • Payment: Paypal,Check
  • Conflict with other programs: None


3. How to earn huge money from Chitika ?

So,You have two ways to make money with Chitika:

a)Become publisher here Place Chitika ads on your site

b) Make Money With The Chitika Referral Program

Each person you refer, you are able to earn 10% of their revenue for 10 months.

So,if  more persons you introduce, more passive revenue you get beside your income from your own site.

4. Why should you become Chitika publisher ?

  • It is trusted and has over 30,000 active members with more than 300,000 site
  • You could earn money from Chitika beside google adsense on your site
  • Chitika is best alternative for Google Adsense.As you knowed,nowadays ,you could be banned by Google adsense any time.
  • Beside income from your own site ,you could earn huge money from its referral program
  • You will received my powerful bonus that help you increase your traffic to massive you income.Please see below for my bonus.

5. Payment proof from Chitika

6. The bonus you receive when register Chitika from my site


1) Bonus No.1

2) Bonus No.2

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3) Step to claim you bonus:

  1. Register Chitika from this  link in my site
  2. Send me the evidence that shows you already registered and send to the mail
  3. I will send you link download the bonus after review within 24 hours

>>REGISTER CHITIKA with special Bonus 200$ – Take your action NOW-<<

6. Conclusion

In the summary, even though who you are: developer guys, online marketers, product owners, services, provider,  affiliate marketers ,if you are owing a website or blog,why don’t begin to become Chitika publisher right now to massive your passive income

Hope you have an best choice.

To your Online success.

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